Welcome to Rhapsody Wellness with Samantha Simons. I believe the interplay between head, heart and hands to connects us to hope and empowers us each to live to our fullest. I aim to foster support for whole wellness in body, family, community.

Offerings provide space and time for you be one with body and spirit, process, heal, expand into love and joy!

Offerings include:
private yoga sessions (in home or in studio)
small group sessions *max 6 students (in home or in studio)
thai yoga massage
1:1 and small group mentoring
children’s yoga
Y12SR , yoga for addiction recovery
yoga parties (for kids or adults)
drumming (world percussion and steel tongue drum) for classes, meditations

The best investment you can make is a love deposit to yourself!




In Greek, the roots of the word ‘rhapsody’ break down into ‘to stitch, to sing.’
Rhapsody is crafted to be a conduit between what fits you today, and allows
for expansion in your self-connection and living potential.