Our January Kunga theme is Music with Inspirational Messages!  Music has the power to transform and transport us. We it can move us to smile, dance, sing. In nations the world over, it serves to unite people, represent cultures, celebrate, and signify. If you are teaching or cultivating a home practice, continually seek out music that inspires your practice and teaching! If you’re a student, make requests! Some songs have inspirational lyrics, others are uplifting via instruments alone, and some just make you want to dance and smile! There are many songs in my playlists that hold memories of classes, instructors, friends, postures, experiences that bring me back to an inspired place, enhancing my connection to my practice. Enjoy some of my picks, maybe you’ll find a new addition, and share some of your own!





  • Let It Grow : Ester Dean – Yes, it’s a kid’s song. But who can’t be lifted up a little by Dr. Seuss? I have to credit my amazing assistant teacher for our 4-6 year old yoga class, Camryn DaMetz for bringing this gem into our practice!




  • Bright Idea : Mother Mother – Another top pic for youth yoga. Simply empowering! Try not to smile, singing this one as you drive down the road!


  • Can’t Be Broken : Twin Forks – Feel good deep down in your bones song to help you sail through surya namaskars. Thank you to another amazing assistant teacher, Tara DaMetz, for introducing me to TF.




  • Give Love : MC Yogi – This is my cure all for a frown. Everyone that hears it loves it, sings it, dances to it!



  • Come Let Go : Xavier Rudd – Kungi powerhouse Julie Pelikan shares my love for Xavier Rudd. This song can offer a seamless transition from the strong standing part of your practice to your cooling, inward wind down.



  • You’ll Be In My Heart : Phil Collins – Sweet reminder that we’re not alone, and it’s alright to lean sometimes. This is always my closing song at the end of the school year with my elementary school yogis.



  • Houdini : Foster the People – Take your flow up a notch and sing along! One of my favorite island girls, Tamara Rosas, shared this one with me.


  • Ong Namo : Snatam Kaur – This precious gift is rooted deep down in my heart and soul for multiple reasons, and is the first song I turn to when I need to go inward and remember who I am.


  • I Am What I Am : Aykanna – Simple, sweet, reminder that who you are is alright. Try this one in savasana or your restore class.


  • Magic Carpet Ride : Steppenwolf – Sometimes you just want to dance and find a good beat to breathe to. Doesn’t get much better! One of my teaching partners, Suzeanne, told me to think of my yoga mat as a magic carpet and our practice would take me for a ride. Always think of her fondly when this one shows up in my practice.


  • One Day : Matisyahu – This one is a regular on many vinyasa playlists in studios everywhere…for good reason. Even my non-yogi, non-crunchy, give me Metallica or give me death hubby can’t help but join in on this song.



  • Pressing On : Relient K – Upbeat song when you’re tired of feeling down and ready to take a step forward and up. Another great Guam friend, Ash, turned me on to them.




  • Fields of Gold : Eva Cassidy – Lovely for savasana. Not inspirational “per se” but it’s a personal favorite after being used class after class with my favorite Guam vinyasa teacher, Dennis Purcell.



  • Golden Years : David Bowie – Another throwback to Guam vinyasa days. I bet you can hold your chair pose 10 extra breaths just smilin’ and swayin’!




  • Deep Water : Jewel – Quiet, reflective, would work well in a slower, cooler, lunar practice. My sweet, beautiful (in and out) big sister hooked me on Jewel many years ago, and her songs make regular appearances in my playlists.





  • Explosive : Bond – This all female, electronic quartet makes amazing instrumental for all types of practice. I use their music for vinyasa and restorative alike.


  • Lullaby : Bond – Spin on Pachelbel’s Canon, try it in a lunar flow or children’s class.


  • OK Tokyo : Rodrigo y Gabriela – Another top notch offering in the instrumental category, also with some spins on classics like Stairway to Heaven. I like this song for a heating namaskar to warm up to a strong vinyasa practice.


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