Rhapsody Mindfulness and Movement MentoringIn Greek, the roots of the word ‘rhapsody’ break down into ‘to stitch, to sing.’

Rhapsody is designed to be a connection between what fits you today, but allows for expansion in your self-connection and living potential. This virtual connection provides each student with a full-spectrum focused framework into self-inquiry. The journey into this architecture that is our vessel, and what we choose to house there this a beautiful path learning to better serve the self, leading to better service to the world. Through a deeper connection to your inner workings, you will learn to be more expressive and authentic in your daily life.

Topics include breathing / movement / meditation, self – care, intuitive inquiry, creative expression, and tying it all together.

6 week program includes:

  • one – on – one coaching calls
  • weekly email and pre-recorded message on the weeks’ topic
  • access to a community of current and previous participants
  • no-charge access to virtual workshops
  • self-study exercise and tools
  • custom posture / breath / meditation sequencing
  • …and more!

Mentoring program available on contract basis for studios and groups.

Contact us anytime to request more information on how a one-on-one connection can provide the support you need to supplement your studio practice and grow your sense of self!

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